1- The site takes no responsibility for the users uploaded images!
2- The visitors can report the porn images and we would delete it!.
3- The images which have the below features ,would be deleted
- Breaking copyright law
- Porn and bad images
- Insult to sb/governments
- Useless image(SPAM)
and other likely cases
4- This service is for free and all the users can use it.
5- Using images in sites and emails are allowed.
6- All the rights and data on this site are reserved to the user uploaded the data.


1- The uploaded images would have daily bandwidth if they would be used not in the site.
-The image has 3MB daily bandwidth If it is used by a link ,and after using the bandwidth completely ,another image would be replaced that has the below message "your bandwidth exceeded" . The Image bandwidth will reset at 12:00 AM (+3:30 GMT)
2- The image using MIUC tag ,will enjoy unlimited bandwidth .
3- those image that are shown by show image link have unlimited bandwidth.
4- Thumbnails have unlimited bandwidth.


If the image would not have any hit for a month continuesly ,it would be deleted from the server .
If you are a member and would upload an image while logged in, the image would be deleted after one year (if not have any hit for a year continuesly) .

Hope you will help us with developing by considering the terms and conditions.